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This award is given annually to the dog that does the stupidest thing it can possibly think of and survive.  Sort of like the runner up prize for the Darwin Awards.  Actually, it is a contest by a pet insurance company for the “most unusual claim”.

Ellie the yellow lab is this year’s winner of the Hambone Award. Her story:

Robert Coe and his wife Sandra of Santee, Calif., thought they had seen the last of the bees buzzing around their home after exterminators sprayed a hive in their yard. That is until later that night when Sandra noticed the family’s 1-year-old Labrador retriever wasn’t acting like herself.

“My wife saw Ellie throw up several times,” said Robert. “There were hundreds of dead bees in each pile.”

Unbeknownst to the Coes, Ellie had discovered and eaten the beehive after the exterminators had left. Frightened by the volume of dead bees Ellie was vomiting, Sandra decided the dog needed to go to the veterinary hospital.

BTW she wasn’t the only lab in the running for the big prize.   Go Labs!

More on the awards here.

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