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The origins of dock diving

The early days…elephant1





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Unfortunate town name

The ladies

The ladies pause to say a few final words….

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A PSA from the SPCA

Well said, sir!

Just because home neutering works on your cow, doesn’t mean it is OK for your dog.

And, while we’re at it.  You’re stressing your dog with that heavy metal crap yer playin’.  So says CSU.

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Does your dog have a bucket list?

1. Flop down in front of a morning fire

Warming our belly

2. Go for a swim in the sea

3. Go mad in the snow

4. Dig up a flower bed

5. Do the ‘Beethoven’ shake and soak everyone around you

6. Have your own spot on the sofa

7. Accompany your owner on a run/cycle ride

8. Attend a family picnic

9. Help your owner bad a date

10. Cheer your owner up when they are down

From here


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The People of Walmart

Still clueless after all these years…

service dog…notice vest

In Rexdale, Ontario:

During a trip last week to the Walmart, at Islington Ave. and Highway 401, Di Marco says she was approached by four different staff members, each of whom made a comment about her dog not being allowed in the store. A female employee who said she was a manager, but had no store identification displayed, came running toward Di Marco and her dog, repeating that the dog shouldn’t be there

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Free Advice

Get the dog.  You’ll be happier.

“I would rather get a divorce than a dog”, says columnist.

“Good idea!” responds the dog community.

From a columnist at the Daily Mail:

Everything about them (dogs) makes my stomach turn — the way they smell (like mouldy socks), the way they foul (any where they like; my street seems to be their favourite place), the way they moult (is there anything more repellent than a dog hair-strewn sofa?) and, most of all, the way they make a beeline for me whenever I’m in their midst.

She goes on (ad nauseum):

It’s not even as if I have my nearest and dearest to back me up. My husband Chris, a stockbroker, has made it quite clear that when we move out of London, he wants a dog. I’ve made it even clearer that he won’t be getting one. I’d rather file for divorce than let a mutt into my home.

Yet Chris still has his heart set on owning a golden retriever called Ralph. ‘He won’t care what’s happened to the markets,’
he explains pleadingly and with increasing regularity.

Then Chris (the husband) makes the money quote:

‘He’ll welcome me home after a hard day at work and give me loads of affection.

And that, my friends, says it all.  Chris, go for the four legged blonde.  He will go for walks, or you can go hunting/fishing/swimming together. All in peace and quiet.  And about the wife…try these people.  Maybe they can help.

More here.

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Monday Morning Puppy

Even puppies take meetings.

This doesn’t concern you…

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