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The German Shepherd

german shepherdwatched the German shepherd

german shepherd with sheep

Monday and the dog did it

you think

You think Bernanke was tough on the dollar

Long headline:  Chew Marks on $4 Million Has U.S. Seeing Shaggy Dog Story

Short version:  Dog chewed my cash.

Famous athlete blames dog for “accident”.

Dog says, “He did it“.   Nigerian says it’s all a misunderstanding and it was an inheritance that he was trying to return to the rightful owner or possibly a  tax refund.  Yeh, that’s it.  (According to the article, the dog arrested him.)

Apparently the dogs didn’t do it.

Local cat to deal with the shitty little yappy dog* next door.

ninja cat

Terminology from this posting

Later in the day


Chocolates are the best

coldBut did they call in the army?*

We are in…a Polar Vortex!!!!   Wild temperature fluctuations, lots of ice, frigid air!  And,  in case you didn’t notice, Weather.com tells us that is is colder than yesterday.   Thank you, Weather.com!

There are even articles about walking your dog in a Polar Vortex!!!!  Hint:  If it’s really cold, don’t go out.

(TV people are like little kids when they learn a new word.  Repeat until every one yells STFU.  Find new word. Repeat.)

Things will return to normal this weekend, when the temperatures will be above freezing. (After a long break, between holidays and cold weather, we should be able to go to agility practice in the barn onSaturday. )

*The weather barometer by which all storms in Canada are measured.   Did the people in the centre of the universe, Toronto, call in the troops?  Apparently they tried, but  Rob Ford is no Mel Lastman.

Wednesday and it’s 2014

Happy New Year

2013 is just…


Thursday and it’s Boxing Day

Mr. Fluffy celebrates

lllll 046

The history of Boxing Day

dog sweater dog sweater2 dog sweater3 dog sweater4

Wednesday and it’s Christmas

Peace on Earth

xmas 003