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They’re back!!!

It’s contest time!  Fido Canada is looking to donate up to $200,000 to Guide Dogs Canada.  Everytime you vote, they will kick in a buck.  The winning dog will get to appear in a Fido commercial.  Win/win.  At the school where Roxy is a Tail Waggin’ Tutor, there is a service dog.  A gorgeous little black Lab with amazing skills.  By voting in this contest, you will help financially support the training of these dogs.  You can vote for Roxy here:


They changed the way you vote this year.  You must have a Facebook account.  😦 sorry…

I will post updates every Monday


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We are #2246

Who will be the next Fido Dog?  Probably not us, but it has been fun getting people to vote for Roxy.  (Some of them think we are nuts…but that’s OK too.)  We are not exactly making a run for first place, but considering  there are over 25,000 dogs enrolled, being in the top 10 percentile is fine.  Remember, it’s about getting the $200,000 to Guide Dogs Canada.  Oh, and when you get 25,000 dogs with their 25,000 owners you of course will get a little controversy.  Whining dog owners complain here.

Vote here

Thank you for your support

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Contest For a Cause!

 Fido Canada to donate up to $200k to Dog Guides Canada

Help fund training for 10 new Dog Guides

There are currently 22,000 dogs entered in the contest — including Roxy.  Every time you vote, $1 is given by Fido to Dog Guides Canada. They are willing to donate up to $200,000.    The link below conveniently takes you to Roxy!   We are currently at #2795.  Not bad, but we really would like to see $200,000 go to this organization.  Won’t you vote?  (You can vote every day until November 17th.)

Vote here

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