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Pedigree® has admitted that it’s TV commercials are “mere puffery”.  A British dog owner filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority after his dog wolfed down a supposedly “long-lasting” treat being advertised by Pedigree.  The treat in question is a Jumbone.

The ASA weighed the evidence and agreed with Pedigree that on average chewy dog treats lasted about “3 minutes and 21 seconds”. In comparison to softer treats that was, therefore, considered to be long lasting. The ASA therefore dismissed the complaint.

A commenter at The Guardian points out:

They seem to be confused about the difference between ‘long lasting’ and ‘longer lasting’. 3 minutes 21 seconds may be the latter, but it is certainly not the former. I know this because my wife told me.

Ask and ye shall receive!  From the Pedigree web site:


So whywas the copy changed?


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They don't say how many sessions it takes.

From Criggo.

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