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The doggonest things

Fail Dogs - what's back and white and brown all over?What’s Black and White and brown all over?

For those days when the bath tub just isn’t enough! ♦ GeeksAreSexy

There once was a dog that swallowed a horse… ♦ K9Magazine

For Toronto dogs, winter is a beach.  Well… only from November 1 – March 31.♦ TheGlobe&Mail


No big government here!  6 year old sells toys so police dogs can have ballistic vests. ♦ WVEC

more Fail Dogs


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The doggonest things

Big Dog

From North Dakota (and possibly parts of South Dakota), weighing 180 lbs is Boomer…

A Landseer Newfoundland who could be the world’s tallest dog. ♦ NY DailyNews

The fur really does fly when pilots help animal shelters in relocating pets.  ♦ TheBark

Au revoir! Sumo, the maltese dog of Jacques Chirac has found himself a new home! ♦ K9 DogMagazine

Sometimes really stupid people get really lucky. Do not attempt this! ♦ CBC

YES!! It’s an Ig Nobel prize for a study that proves cows with names produce more milk! ♦ TimesOnLine

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