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Sugar-free!  High fiber!  Low cal!  Pesticide-free dandelions!

Life is good when you’re a free range chocolate lab.


Unfortunately, there are a few foods that are not pet friendly.  The top five: 

1)  Chocolate contains theobromine which, in large quantities, can kill a dog.  The most toxic forms are cocoa powder and baking chocolate .

2)  Macademia nuts have an unknown toxin that has a severe effect on dogs.  Walnuts also should be avoided.

3)  Avocados contain a toxin called persin.  All parts of the avocado contain it.

4)  Onions and garlic contain thiosulfate.*  Of the two, onions contain a much higher concentrate of thiosulfate.  The effects here are cumulative.

5)  Raisins and grapes can lead to kidney failure.  As with onions and garlic, the effects are cumulative.

When we get tired of munching dandelions, we can be seen nibbling on watermelon or romaine lettuce (preferably the inner core).  Everyday with our lunch kibble we have an apple. 


*There is some discussion about dogs eating garlic.  Small amounts might not be a problem, but if you would like more information click here.


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Turkey @ 99¢/lb!  A deal?  A challenge!

To find out how many dog meals one 11 lb turkey would produce!


Step 1.  Cook the bird 


 Step 2.  Separate cooked turkey from bones.


Step 3.  Add cooked wild rice/brown rice mixture.

Step 4.  Mix in vegetables — peas, carrots and green beans.


16 meals ready for freezer

Final total:  16 dogs meals

3 kitty meals

2 good sized turkey sandwiches 🙂

Conclusion:  On a cost basis – roughly the same as using lean hamburger ($1/meal)

On a time basis – cooking the turkey takes longer, but the house smells good!

Remember:  All mistakes are edible…

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