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Gift suggestions for dog lovers

Weary of the cute little stuffed toys or the trendy dog collar? Are you looking for something totally awesome for that doggy person on your list?   Then, what you want are Designer Dogs!  OMG…why didn’t you think of this before!  Currently available are these adorable (and extremely very rare) Plaid French Bulldogs.  Not even Paris Hilton has one yet!  Available now from PlaidFrenchBulldogs, where their slogan is “When You’re Stupid Enough to Pay the Very Most.”

Not into the French Haute Couture thingy?  Like all things British, do you?
Then the traditional Burberry British Lab (BBL) is for you. According to company spokesperson Nigel Neville Ashdown-Smith II:

“… the Burberry Company originally designed clothes  for outdoor activities and this dog thing was a natural.  It’s like synergy…or something”

Like all Burberry merchandise, the BBL comes with a Royal Warrant on the back left haunch.  (The British equivalent of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.)


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Do you have what it takes to give a Plaidie®?

When exclusivity is everything!

From Plaid French Bulldogs:

As well, since it is a simple fact of life that things which cost more are inherently better, you can rest assured that our Plaid pups come with the absolute highest price for a French Bulldog that you will ever see. In fact, we guarantee it – if you find a Plaid French Bulldog that costs more than ours do, just let us know, and we’ll charge you the extra difference. That is a lifetime guarantee – testament to our confidence that we have the most over priced, exclusive, super special dogs on the face of the planet.

Order early for best selection!

  • Pink Plaid Pied
  • Green FawnTartan
  • Blue Herringbone Brindle
  • Truffle Tartan
  • Strawberry Jam Fawn Plaid
  • Gingham Check Brindle Pied


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