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Canadiens 5 – Penguins 2

Traditional post game riot ensues…sigh…

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What you don’t know can eat you©

The Zombie Research Society recently announced their first Canadian Chapter in Calgary, Alberta… home of the Calgary Stampede and the home riding of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  That’s all…


But wait, there’s more here.

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Montreal Canadiens win!

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Washington – White House press secretary Robert Gibbs will be sporting the following attire at his next news briefing after losing an Olympic size bet with his Canadian counter-part Dimitri Soudas.


More here.

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Tim Horton’s Bans Customer for Life!!!!!

With just weeks to go before “Roll Up the Rim to Win” season starts, there will be no more “double double” for Jim Craig a paramedic from St. Andrew’s, New Brunswick.  His three, (count them three!) complaints to his local Timmy’s about “burnt” decaf coffee resulted in the lifetime ban.  After the meeting with management at the store in St. Andrew’s failed, he was informed that he had also been banned from the store in St. Stephen’s!

He can only return to the Tim Hortons if he is responding to a medical emergency. (No irony there.)

Remember Jim, there’s always Shediac!

More here.  There are over 1300 comments on this story — Canadians understand what’s important!  🙂

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