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The Labrador Retriever! thank you

In the build-up to the Westminster Dog Show this weekend (more on this later), the AKC has released the list of the most popular dogs of 2012.  To no one’s surprise (at least at this blog) the Labrador Retriever reigns as most popular.  The German Shepherd(#2) and the Golden Retriever (#3) were runners up.  Chihuahuas, alas, have fallen off the Top Ten.

Miss Congeniality has yet to be announced.


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The headlines screamed “Heroic Squirrel Saves its Baby!”;  “Heroic Squirrel Saves it’s Baby from Savage Dog!”;  and “The Poor Squirrel!”  OMG!  It must have been a horrific scene!  We were almost too afraid to look at the pictures…almost.  This is what we found.  Captions have been added. 🙂

A very young black lab notices a squirrel on the ground and immediately introduces himself.  Mom watches cautiously.


Without warning, the lab is attacked by the baby squirrel’s mother.


The lab vigorously protects his new little friend from its crazy relative….


Then patiently waits to see if its new friend will be coming out of the tree any time soon.


When you know the whole story the pictures make sense.

The End.

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Lunch…Part Deux

funny pictures of dogs with captions
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On one occasion Roxy ate six bran muffins at one sitting. (Think about it!) Two weeks ago, she ate 5-6 bananas in one shot. She did such a good job on the bananas, that we didn’t realize they were gone until a day later. Nothing was left. I am not quite sure why Labs seem to have an infinite capacity for food. Moderation is not in their vocabulary.

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