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Top Dog for the eighteenth straight year!

The American Kennel Club has issued it’s top ten dogs of 2008. The rankings are based on the number of purebreeds registered with the club. There are 157 breeds of dog that can be registered!


10 Shih Tzu
9 Poodle
8 Bulldog
7 Dachshund
6 Boxer
5 Beagle
4 Golden Retriever
3 German Shepherd
2 Yorkshire Terrier, and
1 Labrador Retriever

Amazingly, more than twice as many labs were registered than any other breed. This survey was done before Marley & Me (the movie) was released. Unfortunately, popular movies tend to increase the demand for the breed of dog featured. Anyone remember 101 Dalmations? After that Disney flick, there was a huge increase in Dalmation puppy sales. With, of course, the resulting dumping of dogs at shelters when the owners realized that puppies only come trained in Disney movies.

Remember: Research before purchase!


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