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The people from PETA would like to retire the groundhog as our traditional “barometer” of Spring, saying a robot would be better suited for the job.  We have a better idea.  The Chocolate Lab!  It is naturally comfortable around people, it doesn’t mind being woken up on a cold February morning and will (for a treat) pose for photos!  Move over Punxsutawney Phil and Wiarton Willie there’s a new girl in town!

We didn’t see our shadow, but that doesn’t mean anything.   It’s Canada and winter ends sometime in April – shadow or no shadow.😉

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Happy Ground Hog Day!

Patiently waiting...

Patiently waiting...

It’s  the morning  after the big Bowl Game , (we stayed up to watch) and now we are patiently waiting for the little rodent groundhog to emerge from his burrow  to give his prognostication.  If he sees his shadow, he ‘s Groundhog Stew tonight.  (Just kidding!).  But the fact is, we are in southern Quebec, and whether or not he sees his shadow, we’ve got at least eight more weeks of winter.  That’s why we look so happy.

 Highlights from last year’s game — Puppy Bowl IV!!!!!


UPDATE:  He saw his shadow — 6 more weeks!!!

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