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The doggonest things


Could this be the inner workings of Mr. Peabody? 🙂

Using  a CT scanner, NY artist/med student finds  inner beauty. ♦ RadiologyArt

Judge rules hybrid dog really is a dog in wolf’s clothing! ♦ ChicagoTribune

Awww…eight puppies born on back seat of police cruiser. ♦ CBC

Wherefore art thou…Roxy?  The Bard for dogs. ♦ TheBark

$40,000 later… Landmark decision gives pug  joint custody over dumb owners. ♦ MSNBC


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The doggonest things!

startrek dog

Just beam me up…please…

Halloween came early for this  Romulan owned dog… ♥ Geekologie

That doggy in the window cost HOW MUCH??????    ♥ TimesOnLine

It was 16,000 years ago (give or take a few years) that the wolf became a dog.  ♥ ScienceDaily

Good news for service dogs in Halifax.  They now have their own dog park –  a first in Canada!    ♥ Globe&Mail

Looking for the perfect dog joke?  Fetch! ♥ TravellingDogs

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The doggonest things!


DeFlater Mutt

Pit bull answers age old question.  What to do with the police car when you catch it!  ♦ CNews

Two year old finds new best friend in the Yukon.  ♦ The Globe&Mail

TV dog trainer unsnarls traffic.   ♦ CBC

Australian dog has magnetic personality surgically removed…along with some gravel. ♦ UPI

Too cute…Terriors trained to tote take-out. ♦ Metro

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The doggonest things!


With nothing to guide their way, people really do walk in circles!

Your dog can find his way home.  Can you? ♦ScienceDaily

The perfect puppy.  His mom and dad were dogs! ♦ NotCraigslist ♦

Is your dog bored with the same old monotonous toys?  Geek toys for dogs!  ♦ BoingBoing

When basically nice poodle owners go silly…really silly… ♦ MSNBC

If a skunk attacks,  do you know what to do?  ♦ Pets.ca

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The doggonest things!


Fei Fei

Chinese dog won’t leave home without them!  Cool shades that is… ♦ Austrian Times

With 0% down/0% financing you too could own a certified pre-owned cat! ♦ Humane Society

It’s not a summer “Beach  festival” for female dogs — when good translations go bad. 🙂   ♦ Korea Beat

The Canadian origins of the phrase “Shaggy Dog Story”.  Who knew? ♦ Phrases

Beware of  counterfeit “name brand” online veterinary supplies! ♦ Dolittler

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The Doggonest Things!

st roch

St. Roch

St. Roch, Patron Saint of Dogs, went over the rainbow bridge on this date in 1327. Saints Preserved

Dogfight! Between beneficiaries of Leona Helmsley’s will and those who would like to be beneficiaries. MSNBC

Easily distracted yellow lab (of course) thrown out of CNIB school!  Seen working at N.B. hotel!  CBC

Cairn Terrier will sniff out turtle eggs of  “genetically extinct” species — for treats! The Bark

Caught in the crossfire of the War on Drugs. The Daily Beast

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The Doggonest Things!


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?

Rooby Dooby DOOO!!!  It’s the thought that counts…I guess.  Cake Wrecks

Dating Jennifer Anniston?  You gotta pass Norman’s “sniff test”.ShowBizSpy

Terrie is a record breaking (and exhausted!) Rottweiler mom in Britain. DailyMail

Coming to a bumper sticker near you!  “My border collie is smarter than your 2-yr old.!” Stanley Coren

Aztec dog accompanies master to the underworld. National Geographic

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