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Poem du jour…


An Ode To Our Dog

  You big and lumbering hairy mate,
What is left that you haven’t chewed?
After wolfing whatever is placed on your plate,
And then you are grovelling for food.

As you sit in the cab of the van,
Watching us enter the store,
We know that it’s safe from any man,
When the hairy one is watching the door

You get us up early in the morning,
By using your wet cold nose,
If the slobbering kiss does not wake us,
You whine with a sweet repose.

You love it when out for the walkies,
Bounding all over the place,
Because we are walking more slowly,
You are forcing a rise in the pace.

Yet when we look into your bright yellow eyes,
And see the love light glow,
Our heart skips a beat and our spirits rise,
Because we love you so.

Anthony Foster


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Rhymes with doggerel*

Appearances Count

      By Madeleine Begun Kane doggrooming


Her appearance took all by surprise,

For her hair had succumbed to some dyes.

Her lush tresses, once red, Were now turquoise instead.

Say goodbye to that Westminster prize




Cashing In With “Doggie da Vincis”
    By Madeleine Begun KanePainting Pooches

A dog trainer needed some cash,
So she dreamed up a plan—made a splash:
Teaching dogs how to paint
Abstract art. Great they ain’t,
Though their pictures make mine look like trash.



More great poetry here.  Suggestions for other dog limericks welcome!  (Remember this is a family blog). 🙂


*a comic verse of irregular measure; “he had heard some silly doggerel that kept running through his mind” .

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