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The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Your Saturday French lesson. 😉


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Bath time!


The winter snows are finally moving out and Mud Season has arrived.  It’s everywhere.  Even  the cats primadonas of fastidiousness are muddy.  While Roxy does not mind being either muddy or wet, those around her are starting to notice a certain doggie odour.  There may be a bath in our future. 8)


Tips on bathing your dog:

1)  Decide where you want to do it.  The plus side of using the bathroom is that you can control egress.  The down side is that you will be cleaning the bathroom after , because you know that after getting wet the dog is going to shake all over. Using the garden hose in the backyard is probably not a good idea because that water gets very cold very fast.

2)  Round up all the necessary equipment. This should be done casually so as not to alert your dog to the fact that a bath is imminent.   Shampoo, towels, cotton balls (to keep water out of the ears) and a plastic pail /bucket (no glass).  Use doggie shampoo only, as human shampoo is not the right pH.  Dress for success — old clothes!

3)  A good brushing before bathing.  This will reduce the amount of fur going into the drain and also shorten the drying time for your dog.

4)  It’s showtime!  Before you start, you should place a rubber non-skid mat in the bathtub.  Using a detachable shower nozzle , carefully hose down the dog with warm (not hot!) water.  Lather up good and rinse well , covering the dog ‘s eyes with your hand.  If your dog is a long-hair try using a conditioner.  It will make combing out much easier.

And remember,  if things go really bad, there’s always a professional groomer!

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