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Hot to Trot

Pascha the border collie was a couch potato this winter and put on a few pounds. 

(Too much time spent in front of her entertainment centre.)


So her personal trainer got her going on the tread mill…france-318

and we are now ready to hit the road running.  Agility classes start soon. Woohoo!


Meanwhile, Roxy and Mr. Stubbs also think about exercising…



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Get out!



Someone seems to be missing the point! 



According to a study at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, people and dogs who exercised together, lost weight and tended to keep the weight off because they stuck to a routine.   We love to get out and walk in the village each morning.  As a matter of fact, this is how we were socialized.  We started with 10 minutes and worked up to a full hour! Now we can walk by cats, other dogs and the school yard.  We also like to stop by the lumberyard to watch the forklift.  (This might be a lab thing). 



exercisedogDriving the dog to the gym and having a latte while he works the treadmill? Um…


…dreaming of a dog park…

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