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Michaelangelo is  rumoured to have seen the Pieta in a block of marble, even before sharpening his chisels.  Some modern sculptors, such as  Roxy, couldn’t care less about the end result.  All they care about is transforming found objects – say a cookie cutter (pictured), or a ballpoint pen or eyeglasses or an electronic remote: anything, in fact , that a  sculptor can grab – into existential expressions of the creative impulse.  Unlike the self-proclaimed “Pre-eminent Canine Artist” whose work, though very nice (IMHO), seems to have settled on a “cookie cutter” formula, Roxy’s work is the antithesis (see picture).  Indeed, it is exemplary of the Carpe Diem school of canine art: she’ll seize any moment she is inspired by a found object, to create a unique and original masterpiece.  Some critics call this genre, which Labrador Retrievers seem to excel in, “Accidental Art.”  Those who see the big picture, however, are aware that there are no accidents in art; only unanticipated discoveries of Truth and Beauty that unfolds in each moment lived for art’s sake. 


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