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Monday and the dog did it

you think

You think Bernanke was tough on the dollar

Long headline:  Chew Marks on $4 Million Has U.S. Seeing Shaggy Dog Story

Short version:  Dog chewed my cash.

Famous athlete blames dog for “accident”.

Dog says, “He did it“.   Nigerian says it’s all a misunderstanding and it was an inheritance that he was trying to return to the rightful owner or possibly a  tax refund.  Yeh, that’s it.  (According to the article, the dog arrested him.)

Apparently the dogs didn’t do it.

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Somerset –  Just when Jack Harris  thought he had completed his 5 foot long, 5,000 piece  puzzle, he realized that he was missing one piece!  He looked, and looked.  Couldn’t find it.  Then, rather than accept personal responsibility for losing it, he quickly blamed his dogs.

Mr Harris has searched his home in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, for the missing piece but his family fears one of their two dogs has swallowed it.

Later on, the family admitted that the puzzle piece may have been thrown out accidentally. The dogs were unavailable for comment.

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According to dog owner Greg Stroke, he knows exactly what his dog did while he was sleeping.  The ever helpful lab-hound mix, Oscar allegedly ordered up 5,000 Xbox points (at $62.50), for him.  What a pal! Amazingly, Oscar managed to chew the remote control for Greg’s Xbox in exactly the right sequence to order up the points.  According to Oscar’s owner, the credit card information had been programmed into the remote.  Riiiiight….  When Greg was a kid, did his dog frequently eat his homework?

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Sure, blame the dog, again!

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