I’m with the Shepherd on this one


coffeeBattling tabloids

A dog IS for Christmas

A dog is not for Christmas

and, with 272 articles written about it…

Famous person devastated over losing custody of £10,000 stuffed dog.

Update: Link fixed!

It’s officially winter…

Apparently we are having a “wintery mix” (ie crap)

wintery mix
But, just a couple of days ago it was very pleasant

Very late Fall

Very late Fall on the frozen Canadian tundra

Talk to your dog about toads

cane toadsIt starts out innocently enough.  A couple of the hounds heading to the swamp on a Friday night for a good time licking a few toads.  Next thing ya know!  Bam!  They’re addicted to toad licking!

According to this vet in Australia, dogs have figured out on just how much to lick a toad to get high.

This phenomenon of animals deliberately getting intoxicated by cane toads, it’s  fascinating,” says veterinarian Megan Pickering. “It just seems unbelievable  that an animal will go back for a second try.

There’s more…

…we do have many documented cases of patients who deliberately – on a regular basis – will seek out a toad and they seem to be able to lick the toad in such a way that they seem to get a very small dose

Australia…so many dumb ways to die

I’m guessing it was probably worth it


Dog. James Dog


roxyA journey into the wondrous land of Therapy Dogs.

Next stop, the Stress Free Zone!

First you stroke her right ear, then the left. A little scratch underneath the chin.  When she rolls on her back, you scratch her belly.  Repeat.  Feel good.  🙂

What the heck am I talking about?   Last week SUNY Plattsburgh held a de-stress event for students during finals week.  We were invited.  From noon to one o’clock on Friday Roxy greeted everyone coming and going at the Angell Center.  Staff and students stopped and visited with us Roxy. It was really fun to watch peoples’ facial expressions as they walked by to get their coffee.  One minute they are totally focused on getting to the food court…the next minute…”OMG can I pet your dog?”  We had never done an event like this and I wasn’t sure what the reaction from people would be.

I needn’t have worried.  Lots of students are away from home (and their dogs) and I think visiting with a therapy dog is the next best thing to being home.  (A couple of the kids spent a lot of time with us.) One lady said she had always had Labs, but was unable to keep dogs where she was now.  She thanked us for letting her get her “Lab fix”. Roxy was one.busy.dog.

As we left the campus, Roxy said it was her  BEST DAY EVER!  When are we going back?

Think about it…

philosopher dog

or as they say North of the 49th parallel…Happy American Thanksgiving


DOG earns MBA from AUOL. LOL

British dog earns an MBA from an online “university”!  Sadly, it appears that anyone with £4,500 can get one.

The eligibility criteria do not appear to be that stringent however, as the Newsnight investigator simply drew up a one-page fake CV for a management consultant named Peter Smith, living in South London. It included 15 years of made-up work experience and a fictitious undergraduate degree from a UK university.

pug mba

Authorities are now questioning his obedience certificate.

More here.